My Buzz

Hoping some of my recent #SBS wining magic will rub off on some business awards I am writing for some fantastic companies...I still can't believe I won but couldn't make the event with you all and Theo...till next years event I am content to network online and meet you all virtually instead....

My Bio

Originally a HR professional working in the charity sector, I became self employed due to a happy accident after I took voluntary redundancy in 2013. Asked by a local College to help with a tender, which we subsequently won, the bid writing service took off very organically and grew steadily whilst I also worked as a part time lecturer at the University of Derby. In 2015 Ask the Chameleon was created, and in 2017 I became an Associate Lecturer, so that I had more time to concentrate on the business. With over £3.9m in contracts, grants and tenders secured for my clients, I work with a variety of sectors, including a strong track record for charities and social enterprises.
Working with other associates as required, I give a straightforward appraisal of what the business (or charity) can access, what is available and how they can work with other organisations to make the most of the opportunities. I also write business award submissions, and have supported many clients to win at a local, regional and national level.
In 2018 I became one of the UK's Small Biz 100 as part of the Small Business Saturday campaign, and continue to build my client base and successful track record....I am hugely excited to be part of the #SBS family and to be able to support more businesses to grow.

My Business Tips

Find your tribe...we may work alone but we do not need to be lonely - find people to support you, work with you and be your sounding board...use face to face networking as well as one is an island...

Take time holiday in your diary every year, just like a client appointment, and give it the same priority...we all need time away from work..

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