My Buzz

I've enjoyed meeting other #sbs winners at the annual Birmingham event and chatting online with so many business owners. Learning about their businesses, passions and personalities and making suggestions to improve my business.

April 2021. Aspect won Corporate Clothing Supplier of the Year for London and the South East, awarded by Corporate Live. In a crowded field our production systems, attention to detail including mock-ups and pre-production visuals plus customer satisfaction testimonials and reviews impressed the judges enough to award the most votes for Aspect Corporate Clothing.

My Bio

I have worked for over 30 years in the clothing industry. I don't call it the fashion industry as I've never yet met a super model.

I've been involved at all stages of the garment process from manufacture, decoration (print or embroidery) packing, despatch, distribution to sales.

It's a fascinating industry and in common with most industries I've witnessed many changes to how we work. I'd say the biggest change is the speed in which business is conducted and products delivered.

My Business Tips

Be reliable, be trustworthy and work hard. That ought to do it. And if it doesn't, work smarter.

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