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Within the first hour of winning the #SBS our twitter account exploded. We have attracted well over 400 new followers and had many messages of congratulations. Specifically we have also had numerous enquiries about the restaurant in Oxford and our new site, soon to open in Gloucester Road, Bristol. It has been a rollercoaster ride and its only just begun.

My Bio

You don't really care about me so here is the good stuff about the truly unique and amazing Atomic Burger.
Atomic Burger is a local independent restaurant based in Oxford and is so proud to be part of the #SBS club, isn’t Mr P a great man. We opened in 2009 in the middle of the recession and its been very hard but incredibly rewarding. We are about to open our second site in Bristol, summer 2012 and also have a sister restaurant in Oxford called Atomic Pizza.

Our restaurant is best described as a unique cultural and culinary experience; it’s not only a great burger restaurant, but a homage to childhood and popular culture. The restaurant is festooned with images and timeless toys from generations past and our amazing retro video wall shows clips of everything from Thunderbirds to Thundercats and beyond. Eating at Atomic is a weirdly glorious trip down memory lane and has you racking your brains to remember the obscure action figure or amazing song from deep in your past.
The one and only thing we take seriously is our food, it really is all about the burger.

We don’t want to bore you with details of meat cuts, cheese melt patterns, grind ratios and meticulous hand forming techniques, that’s our job, yours is to enjoy the best blinking burger you have ever had. Great burgers ain’t rocket science (but they do take a lot of time and love).

All our 20 menu burgers and specials are offered as beef, chicken or veggie and served with a free side order. All our burgers have a personality and because of this they have a name, based on, you guessed it, pop culture heroes. Ever wanted to get messy with Daisy Duke or sit a while with Johnny Cash, now you can!

Our customers are fiercely loyal and we love them for it. Atomic Burger is for you, we are a small local / independent burger shrine that has big plans for global domination, think Pinky & the Brain and your close. When you come, don’t expect fine dining we aren’t a typical diner, we aren’t a contemporary burger restaurant and we aren’t some greasy dive, what we are is Atomic.

Thanks for reading this little ditty and we would love to meet you soon DM us @Atomicburgers @Atomicpizzas

My Business Tips

1. Stay true to yourself always, if you no longer recognise the person in the mirror change moisturiser

2. Buisness and life get mixed up sometimes, thats fine just remember why we work

3. It's a lot harder to stay calm when everyone else panics

4. Family is #1

5. Listen to that little voice inside

6. By the power of greyskull

7. If a man walks, ah forget it, come have a burger

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