My Buzz

At Awsm Street, we design unisex clothes for colour-loving kids. Our gender-neutral T-shirts and hoodies are suitable for boys and girls and we now also offer adult sizes for our most popular T-shirt designs. As our fun designs show, unisex or gender-neutral doesn't have to mean monochrome - we believe all colours are for everyone! Some of our designs are available as colourful prints too, to make every room in your home awsm.

My Bio

After working in the cultural sector for over 15 years, I launched Awsm Street in April 2020 during the global lockdown, after finding myself out of work. My two sons are the inspiration behind Awsm Street, as they like to live life colourful but were frustrated at the lack of clothing choices on the High Street. The older they get, the more grey everything seems to get. So we decided to just make our own clothes! And although I run Awsm Street, my husband and I come up with the designs together and our boys chip in with suggestions too, so it's very much a family affair. Our driving passion is to make the world a more colourful place, with all colours for all children.

My Business Tips

Community over competition.
Believe in what you sell.
Always stay true to yourself.
Keep going and you will get there!

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