My Buzz

Hi I'm Chloe the creative force behind the Baa Baa Bandits a vegan arm knitting yarn suppliers. We supply giant vegan yarns, about the size of a sheep that you can use for giant crafts like knitting and crochet!
Our kits are so much fun and suit all ages

My Bio

I started the Bandits about 6 months ago so we are still very much a lamb of a business!
I'm 17 years old and the Bandits aren't my first business ,I also run The Wonky Woolins a small handmade soft toy business which I started at 15 and it was the success of the Woolins and my love of crochet and knitting that spurred me on to set up the Baa Baa Bandits.

My Business Tips

Just do it! It doesn't matter what age or stage of life you are at as long as you have passion and a solid product age should never matter.

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