My Buzz

After over a year of trying to become a member of the #SBS family, I was thrilled when I was retweeted.

Gaining a multitude of followers and a huge wave of support has been wonderful. I am a mum on a mission to show mums how cloth nappies can save them a fortune and help them makes their babies bums look gorgeous, so Theo sharing my business, really helps me along my way!

My Bio

Baba+Boo was started two years ago by Eve Bell, a former buyer from Manchester. We specialise in great quality, great value, great-looking cloth nappies.

Eve started the business after having her second child, Louisa (her Boo), a baby sister for Seth (her Baba). She didn’t want to return to work as a buyer, knowing it was unlikely she would be able to work reduced hours, so was looking for savings to the family budget. Cloth nappies seemed like a natural way to save, but she was shocked at how expensive they can be – up to £20 per nappy for some of the big name brands.

Using her skills as a buyer, Eve set about sourcing and having manufactured her own nappies, and her third baby, Baba+Boo, was born. We want to make cloth nappies more desirable through fashion, so our nappies come in a wide range of colours and patterns. At under £10 per nappy, they are great value when you consider the cost of disposable nappies for an average child until they are potty trained is around £1,000.

But we understand that not everyone is confident enough to dive right in and buy lots of nappies at once, so our unique “try a Baba+Boo” offer allows consumers to buy a nappy, try it for six weeks and return it for a 70% refund if they find it isn’t for them.

And when your little one is ready to take the step towards potty training, our washable potty pants
will come in handy. They are just £5.95 (plus P&P) and come in a range of cute designs for boys and

Although nappies are at the heart of the business, we also stock a range of other items such as bibs,
hair accessories, bags and baby shoes.

My Business Tips

Living and breathing your business is what it takes to get it off the ground, I have worked around the children for almost 3 years now which has meant working until the early hours after they have gone to bed.

It is like being on a roller coaster and there are many huge lows which really knock you but if you can pick yourself up and carry on, it makes the highs brilliant. Running a business can become addictive.

Make the most of social media - it's free and a great way to interact with customers and meet like minded people who can help you on your way.

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