My Buzz

I won #SBS on my first attempt and was overwhelmed at the response on twitter. It has opened up a plethora of information from fellow business owners and has brought my attention to some fabulous businesses.

My Bio is another one of my children and I love it and nurture it. It made me proud when it took it's first steps, and I love to boast about it's milestones along the way, looking fondly back at times gone by. It's tested my patience to the limit, but I love it warts and all.

My Business Tips

Get to grips with social media as a great way of promoting your business. It's simple, free and fun along the way.

Trade your skills. If you can offer help, do so. You never know when you may need help with something yourself As a small business owner this can be key to building up your business and forming good relationships.

Never stop believing or trying.

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