My Buzz

SBS has given me the confidence to take my business forward to the next level. I don't want Bambino Beads to be a cottage industry, I want it to be THE next brand of childrenswear! My dream is for every child to be asking for Bambino Beads on their Christmas and Birthday lists.

Since winning my SBS in July 2011 I have appeared on the radio twice and my products have appeared in the national media.

My Bio

I started Bambino Beads Limited in April 2011 when I saw a gap in the market for high quality, but affordable jewellery for children.

My own children, both boys, love to dress up and "borrow" my necklaces and bracelets and I wanted to produce a product that was good quality, fun to wear and beautiful to look at. Bambino Beads tick all the boxes, they are excellent quality being handmade to order, made with beautiful coloured wooden beads and have magnet fasteners, making them easy to fasten and fun to wear!

Since starting Bambino Beads has won several accolades, including:

Winner - Small Business Sunday (#sbs)
Winner - Most Promising New Business (Mansfield 2020 Awards)
Winner - Best Entrepreneurial Spirit (Mansfield 2020 Awards)
Finalist - Mums Club Awards
Top 100 Mumpreneurs in the UK 2011

I believe this demonstrates not only the quality of the product but the hard work and determination put in to the business to date.

My Business Tips

Don't give up - there are times when you wonder if you are doing the right thing, wondering if your product is good enough, if people actually like it.

This is especially hard when working for yourself, on your own at home, like me.

Have faith in your feelings, if you think big and dream big, your dreams will become a reality!

My Latest Offers

Bambino Beads is For Sale!!! If there are any jewellery makers or crafters interested please let me know ASAP!

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