My Buzz

I love to support my clients with their challenges! This is why I started to offer GDPR support back in early 2018 as so many of them were struggling to understand it, and it had clicked for me. Since then I have gone on to support many small business owners with their GDPR compliance, alongside my virtual assistant services, website development, and email marketing support. My aim is always to support my clients so that they can feel less stressed and focus on the day to day running of their business.

My Bio

I started my own business, Banks’ Business Solutions, back in 2014 to achieve a better work/life balance. Having started from the ground up and made many mistakes along the way, I’m now in the position to be able to help you avoid the pitfalls of running an online business, or simply how to save time when implementing new software and processes.

I began my journey as a virtual assistant here in Derby so I could work from home while using my previous career experiences and training to support other business owners. Over the past 5 years I’ve become an accredited VA, built a strong reputation being reliable and good at what I do and grown my business from being me working alone to having a team of associates behind me.

When I started Banks’ Business Solutions in 2014, the term virtual assistant was relatively unknown in the UK. Over the past 5 years I’ve spent working within the VA industry, I’ve realised that it has become a bit of a “catch all” term for anyone working virtually from home to assist someone else with a task, but that most virtual assistants provide administration services.

In 2018, I realised that the term “virtual assistant” didn’t fit me anymore.

I still work virtually but I provide consulting services to my clients first and foremost, and then I can train you how to take care of things yourself or take on some of the online business tasks for you. That’s why you’ll find me creating WordPress websites, creating sales funnels and email subscriber lists, and providing 1-2-1 training on popular software like Canva, MailChimp, WordPress and InfusionSoft.

I simplify the technology you use in your business to save you time.

When I’m not working, you can usually find me with my husband and children spending as much time as possible in our local Derbyshire countryside, my favourite place Aberdaron in Wales, or being a digital nomad and travelling the world! Yes, really - we took 3 months out in 2018 and are hoping to get away again really soon!

My Business Tips

1. Be authentic - don't try to fit yourself into other people's conventions or expectations, you are uniquely you and that is ok!

2. Get your processes in place - you never know when a big break will come in your business so from day one get your processes in place, set up your key systems and make sure that you are can scale up quickly and easily.

3. Outsource! Getting people in place to support you will make all the difference to how demanding your business is on your time and lifestyle.

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