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Totally overwhelmed with everything that has happened since Theo retweeted my #SBS tweet – firstly, I had won #SBS and secondly, my Twitter feed was going crazy with good wishes, RTs, new followers, work enquiries and loads of support from fellow #SBS winners welcoming me on board! Thank you, Theo. Thank you, everyone.

My Bio

Need help to manage all the competing demands on your time? I give business owners more time to 'Work Smarter, Not Harder' and grow their business.

basicstoBoardroom provides first-class, affordable PA/Secretarial, Administrative and Business Support for you and your business as and when you need it.

Whether you need ongoing help, cover for holiday or sickness or extra help with a particular project – basicstoBoardroom can undertake and deliver a wide range of secretarial and administrative support tailored to your exact needs.

Whether you want to use us on an hourly, fixed or retainer basis - basicstoBoardroom offers a range of cost-effective packages that makes budgeting easy as you only pay for the time you need assistance.

basicstoBoardroom acts as an extra pair of hands that not only helps you with your day-to-day tasks but has the interests of your business very much in mind both now and in the future.

To find out how basicstoBoardroom can help you and your business, contact Sharon for further information.

My Business Tips

Keep your ears to the ground and listen!
Be curious, ask questions!
It will get hard, don't give up!
With hard work and perseverance anything is possible!

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