My Buzz

The support from the SBS network is fantastic - thank you Theo Paphitis for choosing us in 2013! The business has developed over the years and we now supply on a wholesale basis.

My Bio

Having lived in France, I became a massive basket fan but could never find them in the UK. As the destruction that plastic bags cause to the environment has emerged, we decided to import baskets, from Madagascar, Morocco and Ghana, and so BasketBasket was launched in 2008.
All our baskets are handmade and ethically produced. We pay fair prices for the work involved - weaving is mainly done in the home. Our stock is not mass produced.
The baskets can be used for a wide variety of purposes - shopping, picnics, beach, laundry, storage, gifts - are made with natural products and after a long working life will biodegrade. Just like the ones found in French markets and African souks.
The giraffes are also from Madagascar. They just make everyone smile.

My Business Tips

Provide the best customer service possible.
Work hard and enjoy it too.
Reuse and recycle as much as you can.
Never stop learning and improving.