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Top Chomps cards provide an engaging and dynamic approach to learning about nutrition in fruit and vegetables. Two packs containing 44 high quality cards each provide a simple to use format that is brilliant for classrooms or at home. Cards are interchangeable between packs. Suitable for use from age 6+, the cards are supported by an extensive range of cross-curricular teaching resources.

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Simon has over 25 years experience in varied settings in Education as a teacher, curriculum innovator and educational consultant. He currently runs Best Education Ltd which specialises in Learning outside the classroom.
The Top Chomps game was developed in response to working with children on healthy eating and finding out that they did not really understand why fruit and vegetables are so important in our diet. Years of being exposed to the 5-a-day and related health messages had not helped them understand about fibre, nutrients or portions. Many of us adults remember playing Top Trumps card games in our youth and many will probably remember facts they picked up. Utilising this popular format has provided the basis for a fantastic resource to complement other approaches to teaching nutrition.
Seed funding for the development of the cards gratefully provided by Frescagroup. The cards were launched officially in April 2016.
Target market of 28,000 Primary, Secondary and special schools across UK along with home school educators.

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Developing a new business from scratch is time consuming and frustrating when you are on your own. Networking provides a great support base and opportunities to grow.

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