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Andi Best is the Director at Best Freelance Design Ltd – a creative micro agency unlike anything the south coast has ever seen. Fusing web design and development with illustration, marketing, branding and graphic design, Andi has fostered client relationships across multiple industries including hospitality, IT and comms and predominantly, the charity sector, to deliver bespoke web solutions, arresting original artwork and impeccable visual identities.

[note to self: Andi, the above sounds a bit grandiose and self-indulgent. Perhaps look at it again and tone it down a bit? You don't want to come across as a nob. I know it's a bio and you are obligated to imbue a level of arrogance in an ill-conceived bid to impress people, but why not try being honest? Why not just say you're a confident, diligent Creative Freelancer and that the best way to keep on top of your active projects and recently completed work is to join your newsletter >

For everything else >

Also, you're low on biscuits. ]

My Business Tips

Trust your gut, always.
Say 'no', a lot.
Be incredibly transparent with your clients.
Good things come to those who create.

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