My Buzz

Preloved Tech provides a quick and easily way for users to sell or recycle their unwanted tech via a safe and secure online portal. Users can visit our site, locate their device(s) from our extensive catalogue and register their recycling sale quickly and easily. We send a free shipping pack to the customer, test the device once received and pay the agreed recycling value to the customer, all within 48 hours.

We operate mainly in the consumer space, however we do offer corprate recycling for companies looking to recycle their end of life business devices.

My Bio

Preloved Tech is a consumer tech recycling brand, with a goal of helping reduce the growing e-waste issue through recycling and reuse of unwated and redundant moble devices and IT equipment.

My name is Matt and im Co-Founder of Preloved Tech, along with my business partner Nicki. Ive personally worked in the tech space for many years, most recently in the corprate telecoms and education space, and have witnessed the growing amout of electronic waste being created. I wanted to help action change and after a lot of research and planning, Preloved Tech was born.

Since our launch on 2020 we have grown from strength to strength. We were shortlisted into the final for Start-up of the Year at the Mobile Industry Awards 2021 and most recently won the BizBubble award for Best Digital Biz 2022.


My Latest Offers

We are offering all #SBS members a 10% value increase on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch or games console that is recycled through our website.

To access this #SBS offer, simply following these easy steps

  • Visit our site at and locate your device from our extensive online catalogue
  • Follow the steps to register your sale, inputting 'SBSTEN' into the voucher code box
  • Your offer price will now be increased by 10%

Our #SBS offer will run until further notice.