My Buzz

I'm Jodie and I'm the Founder of Between Green.

Between Green Boxes are specially created themed subscription boxes containing sustainable and plastic free products so your zero waste lifestyle is easy, accessible and tailored with you in mind!

Unlike most subscription boxes, Between Green boxes are Letterbox Friendly!

Each month you receive a box containing different sustainable products, helping you go green gradually with practical swaps. These eco items are suitable for any household or family.

My Bio

Hi, I’m Jodie. I’m 34 and I live in Greater Manchester in the UK with my family and our dog, Pippa.

After being diagnosed with anxiety and depression I wanted to implement changes into my daily routine to feel better.

I fell upon ‘slow living’ and the benefits for our health, mental health and the Planets health as it encourages to live more mindfully, to think about what were doing rather than living on autopilot.

Making small changes made such a huge impact on our lives. Reducing the amounts of plastic, chemicals and toxins from our home and choosing natural and sustainable alternatives led to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

I became so passionate about sharing how much better these alternatives were not just for the planet but for us too.

I started setting up stalls at open days, fairs and local markets in the Greater Manchester area, then, Covid-19 hit…

I was furloughed from my part time job and threw myself into creating an online presence for my eco-friendly lifestyle and promoting the swaps we’d made encouraging people to do the same.

During this time, a little seed in my head started growing; How can I overcome the drawbacks of using and choosing environmentally products? We are subscription box fans at home; we’ve had everything from gin to baking, from self care to stationery.

What followed was 9 months of early mornings and late nights of stress, happiness, success, frustration, while I researched through website design, google, emails, products, social media, to make sure I could achieve each element from the pros and cons I’d experienced and most importantly, the feedback I’d received.

The Between Green Subscription Box was born. We launched in January 2021 and it keeps getting better and better.

My Business Tips

- Enjoy the process! There's everything plus more to think about but I just re-frame it into fun learning opportunities :)

- Connections with people has made me way more sales than sales posts! Get to know your customers

-Research all the advice and help you can get as a small business owner like funded programmes

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