My Buzz

I'm so thrilled to be an #sbs winner. I spent the whole evening replying to well wishers and received lots of new followers. It's clear that the #sbs community is very supportive and I'm very pleased to be part of it.

My Bio

In a previous business 'life' I was a graphic designer with a consultancy which I set up with my husband soon after leaving Art School.

I have always had a passion for pattern, textiles, surface design and interiors which led to me forming Beyond the Fridge. I started designing large steel magnetic notice boards (hence the name) which many people use as art as they're big, glossy, colourful and just like old enamel signs. I have now diversified into designing for other interior surfaces and accessories including fabrics, wallpapers and blinds. Our aim is to form strong relationships with British manufacturers who can supply great quality products.

My Business Tips

There's no truer saying in business than 'there's no lift to success, you have to take the stairs' So enjoy the climb and if you fall down a few just pick yourself up and carry on, you may even get to see the view from the top!

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