My Buzz

Our feet have not touched the ground since Theo retweeted our #SBS entry. Our Twitter followers have shot up and there is a marked increase in traffic to our web-site.
We cannot believe the lovely warm welcome we have had to the #SBS winners family.
It has made us feel very positive about the future - things are most definitely on the up!

My Bio

BF Graphics is a small business run by Barrie and Karen, based in Lanarkshire, Scotland, specialising in producing a wide range of wall art, vehicle graphics, shop signs, printed ceramics, customised heat transfers, Embroidery and more.

Barrie started dabbling in producing vehicle graphics whist co-driving for his Rally Driver friend as a cheaper alternative to buying them from someone else (they were not known as Haybale and Lefty for no reason so did need to replace theirs quite regularly!). When a nasty accident at work on the 19th of May 2011 (where he slipped off his lorry and impaled himself on a wooden broom handle which went 12 inches into his abdomen from his groin area) left Barrie unable to work for nearly a year (or participate in Rally driving ever again) he got bored and decided to use the equipment to start the business and the idea of BF Graphics was born.

Almost 3 years on since we started the business (and more than four since the accident) and things are going from strength to strength (both with the business and Barrie's recovery), our business is growing through word of mouth (and due to the fact that Barrie is now a social networking widow as fiancé Karen (who has been drafted in as business development manager) spends most evenings and weekends promoting the business through Facebook and Twitter!!)

Since being selected by Theo we have also been selected by our local council to take part in their new business incubation project "Starting Point" where we were able to have a rent and rates free retail presence for 6 months. This proved that there was a market for our products in the local High Street and we have now gone on to take on our own premises and have expanded the range of products and services we offer.

My Business Tips

My philosophy is that " if you want to feel good, first you have to do good!"

Do not judge others and only look down on people to help them up

Be true to yourself - no one will buy something from you if you do not believe in it yourself!

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