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Big Blue Cuddle has a very distinctive approach, collaborating with brands of kids clothes that embrace our idea of giving, and donating 15% to 50% of each sale to the children's charity selected by the customer.
We hope that the #sbs will not only promote the online store and the brands and charities involved, but also this new business approach and perhaps encourage others to adopt a similar model

My Bio

I'm a former management consultant who wanted to start my own business and find a way to "do good" while running a for profit company. Big Blue Cuddle is my response to a hate for waste, a frustration with the choice of kids clothes in the UK's high street and a desire to help children's charities.

I realised that brands of kids clothes that are not yet (well) established in the UK might be prepared to give me a generous discount on a selection of their collection, even if from previous years. These clothes, which are all brightly coloured and a bit unconventional, could then sold for their regular retail price, effectively creating a margin that is donated to charities. Once I had the idea I thought it was so obvious and so inspiring that just had to give it a go.
I left my job and launched Big Blue Cuddle in November 2010. It now has the support of over 20 brands from all over the world.

My Business Tips

Don't think that starting your own business is the easy solution for working less and spending more time at home.
Don't over engineer things and plan everything to the smallest detail, if it feels right follow your instict.

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