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New business start-up of one women, two furry co-directors and one very understanding husband:)

We designed our own wall mounted dog bowl holders. They put a stop that teatime chaos of dogs chasing their bowls around the floor. It keeps it in one place and has been specifically designed so they can easily lift out when necessary for easier cleaning.

They fit anywhere on the wall to suit the height of your dog whether they are large or small.

British Made: When starting the company we wanted to keep everything local so the product, finishing and packaging are all produced by local companies.

We also offer a selection of other dog related products.

My Bio

So how did I get here? I like getting up to a new challenge every day, so whenever it starts to feel like groundhogs day then I get out and change course to a new destination.

The product idea came after we installed a new kitchen at home, the current wobbly raised dog feeders looked out of place and we were forever knocking into them and spilling water!

Having found no better alternatives hubby went off into the garage and designed the wall mounted dog bowl holder. From that initial concept we decided to have it manufactured and turn it into a business.

So now I'm a new Business Owner with a sense of humour:) My background is 20 yrs in Marketing Management, Integrated Marketing, Managing Agency Relationships, Business-to-Business (B2B). Highly skilled in Multi Project Management and Event organisation.

My Business Tips

Remember to take a break! Whatever business you are in, technology and the internet means customers don't stick to the 9-5 rule. They shop online after-hours and at weekends - don't burn yourself out :) Eat Cake...

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