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Bimble is a new handmade kids footwear brand. The collection focuses on classic design, supersoft baby moccasins that allow little feet to develop in the way nature intended.

The moccasin design is beautiful and simple, offering room for the foot to wiggle and grow whilst effectively staying on the foot and being so comfortable parents have said kids don’t want to take them off at bedtime! Made from only two pieces of leather the shoe forms a gentle but protective second skin that easily flexes and moves with the foot.

According to the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists it is beneficial in the early stages of walking to restrict feet as little as possible (the closer to barefoot the better) to allow proper growth of undeveloped bones in the foot.

Based on an old Native American design the shoes have been fine-tuned to provide the best balance of protection and flexibility allowing children the wiggle room they need to develop strong, healthy feet. Unlike many soft leather baby moccasin styles, Bimble Shoes have deep toe boxes allowing room to flex and grow, making the shoes the next best thing to walking barefoot.

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Bimble’s founders, sisters Bethany and Osyth grew up with shoe-maker parents, who have been making bespoke leather shoes by hand in their small workshop in Somerset, England for decades. When they recently became mothers themselves the sisters wanted to create a good quality shoe suitable for their babies’ first steps that wouldn’t restrict their movement or growth. Based on their parents’ design they made their own. The family business now produces the handmade shoes in their UK workshop maintaining traditional leatherworking techniques and using the finest materials to produce superior quality, durable and comfortable ‘foot shaped’ shoes.

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