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Our profile has been raised with the thanks to #SBS just in less than 24 hours we have made some wonderful contacts and had great conversations.

My Bio

Blackberry Cottage, Cakes with Secret Ingredients, was set up in September 2011, inspired by conversations with parents, who were struggling with instilling a 5-a-day fruit and vegetable habit in their children, and listening to people who wanted cakes that were not so full of fats and sugars, but still wanted a proper cake. So what is this secret ingredient? Well, Kate developed a range of cakes with vegetable secrets – from spinach brownies to courgette flapjacks. As the cakes flew off the shelves of local shops, Kate realized that people wanted to learn how to develop their own vegetable secrets and began running courses that share the basics and encourage participants to go home and experiment. The secret ingredient story opens a new and exciting chapter with the release, shortly, of Kate's first book, Cakes with Secret Ingredients, from Aubergine to Zucchini. Kate now goes into schools to help with healthy eating weeks, gives talks and demonstrations from County Shows to local gardening clubs, as well as supplying shops and tea rooms with her cakes.

My Business Tips

Always have your business cards with you.
Build great relationships with other local businesses, you will be amazed how you much you can gain by building these relationships.
Remember your PHD when it gets tough, as it will occasionally, all you need is your Passion, Hard Work and Determination.

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