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Spectacles can be expensive, and choosing a single pair to match all of your clothing/moods/fashions can be tricky for adults...never mind children! I launched Blinx as a cost effective way for parents/children to mix and match their look. It can also be difficult encouraging children to wear their glasses when first prescribed, and hopefully collecting Blinx sweetens the situation a little for them. I hope it helps kids feel like they have some control over a situation they might not feel entirely positive about. The charms also fit our wristbands, and we are looking to launch a non-rubberised version of the product for adults in the coming year.

My Bio

Launched in May 2014, Blinx are a range of soft silicone charms designed to allow children to customise existing spectacle frames by simply sliding the charms on and off the arms of their glasses.

They can be worn individually, as matching pairs, or mixed together to create a unique and colourful look. The charms can also be easily adapted to fit adult frames and sunglasses.

Blinx are stocked in a number of optical practices nationwide and online at

My Business Tips

Run your own race - don't worry too much about rivals/competitors - if you are the best at what you do you'll come out on top!

Don't ever be tempted to lose who you are - it's easy for the 'business' version of you to become detached from the real you - be yourself and stick to your morals/principles.

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