My Buzz

Currently #SBS has increased twitter followers - but I hope to use it to spread my experience in print to help small to medium businesses who can use it to get the most from their marketing budgets & increase return, after all, using print in business is proven to drive response rates through the roof!

My buzz comes from helping businesses with their print, which is why I created the strap-line Your Print, Our Passion & the hashtag #YourPrintOurPassion.

My Bio

I'm Richard, owner of Blue Star Print Solutions, a Print provider based in Northamptonshire. It's not just ink on paper its #YourPrintOurPassion

Having been in print for numerous years but working for other people & companies (manufacturing/outsourcing), in 2011 it was time to provide customers with a better experience in buying print. Something to help them at every step, should they need it. Blue Star Print Solutions was the result.

Why are we different? Well we're a print management company, which means we don't have machinery. You might ask how this would save you money! Well for one, we're not trying to fill presses with incompatible jobs & our costs don't include the HUGE outlay for keeping them running either. We also buy print daily across all categories. So our experience & buying power is something that our customers benefit greatly from.

Who do we help? From Accountants to Zumba Teachers (from A to Z) we're helping all sorts of businesses realise the potential in print (& sorting it for them). BUT, we concentrate on the quality & return of your printed items it's not always about cheap. I mean, your business isn't cheap is it?

So if your business is in need of:

• Printed Brochures that win you business
• Catalogues or Magazines that keep you in the mind of your customers
• Presentation folders to raise your image
• Business Stationery (Letterheads, Compliment Slips or Business Cards)
• NCR (No Carbon Required) - Forms, Pads, Books or Continuous
• Direct Mail campaigns
• Door Drops / Leaflets / Flyers
• Exhibition print (roller banners, pop up stands)
• Point of Sale (from concept to logistics & delivery)
Drop us a line and we'll let you know how to get the best out of each.

Outside of work I love to spend time with family (wife & son) & friends. I'm also a keen musician - so if I'm not behind the desk, you'll most likely catch me behind a bass, mic or guitar.

My Business Tips

Play to your strengths. In business if you're not good at something and you need it done properly, first time, on time & effectively the biggest tip I can give is to outsource.

The easiest way to work it out in figures - is work out what your time is worth. Then calculate how much it's costing you to do the jobs you're considering outsourcing.

Use people that are experts in the area you need help on & not only will you receive a great result, but the return you get from outsourcing will far out-way the outlay! What's more, if you've outsourced the unnecessary & focussed on your core competencies - you'll be bringing in even more money!

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