My Buzz

While it is a bit too early to assess the commercial benefits of this #SBS award I have certainly experienced personal benefit. As well as it giving me even more confidence in my products, I have also found when communicating with customers the fact that my company has received this award impresses them and assures them of the integrity of the products. I believe the addition of the Sunday Small Business logo to advertising materials, linked as it is to Theo Paphitis’s reputation, will also give additional credibility and professional kudos to my business.

My Bio

I entered the field of health and fitness and associated products approximately 10 years ago. Initially I trained in Sports massage therapy and then undertook further professional training to qualify as an aromatherapist. Whilst practicing in those fields over a period of many years I was continually asked by my male and female clients to recommend creams and lotions for a variety of skins. As my interest in that area increased I did extensive research and became disillusioned with my search for effective ‘natural’ products.
I therefore decided to create my own range, using both my knowledge and my lifelong passion for aromas. By extensively researching and sourcing ingredients I felt I could put my own signature on the products and thus offer assurances to clients that what they were putting on their skin was healthy, effective and cruelty free.

I obviously had to then learn the ins and outs of the industry in order to comply with the legal and EEC regulatory requirements. This I have successfully done and am proud to also have my products recognised as vegan friendly.

My Business Tips

My first tip is that you need to be prepared for hard work, frustration and times of despair! So my second tip is perhaps to ensure you build a network of positive people around yourself to provide support and encouragement when you feel ready to give up. You need to be prepared to do the groundwork and deal with the mundane side of things as well as believing in and promoting yourself and your products. As we all know, ‘life happens’ but rather than be beaten you need to adapt to changes of direction, hold your head up high and pursue your dreams regardless.

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