My Buzz

A small business, helping other small businesses doing what I love!

My business is all about making people smile and making sure that the products I sell are top notch! Even then our Whoopsies range is perfect if you don't mind a few broken or cracked pieces!

My Bio

I am Laura and I have been running this small business for almost 5 years. What started off as a way to make some extra cash to make Christmas a little more special in 2017, suddenly grew into something I loved doing.

I run my business as a small retailer alongside my full time job in Structural Engineering - usually when I am cooking (my ultimate love), watching TV, before leaving for work or generally when I have 5 minutes with nothing to do.

I never imagined when I first started that I would have such an amazing customer base, returning customers and that I would make such incredible friends on my journey. I may not actually make the products I sell, but I am 100% passionate about them and the small businesses that actually produce them.

My business is about making people happy with our bright, vibrant and quite frankly, incredible bath bombs, whipped soaps, body bombs and more!

My Latest Offers

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