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Years ago, my Uncle in Trinidad gave me some chilli sauce he had made, using the scotch bonnets he had grown in his garden. He washed out a plastic fizzy pop bottle and filled it with his sauce. And whenever I’d visit him, he would always encourage me to open up a Trini Restaurant in Sussex. He even bought me some equipment & spices to make Trini food. But that was a lot of talk over a LOT of Trini rum!

I love cooking but making Roti for just my family is hard work, but to make hundreds I knew I would out of love with it, very quickly.

I recreated his chilli sauce but added my own twist & I began to sell to friends and family. It was so popular....Boom Sauce was created in June 2019.

My Latest Offers

For every order placed online, I will plant tree on your behalf.

Special bundle offers available on the website.

I welcome trade orders for shops, butchers, delis and would be thrilled to be stocked in your store.

And, sauce also available at trade price for restaurants, pubs or street vendors. Please email me at

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