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Wow - in 24 hours my twitter follower increased by 20%! #SBS has been such a great help in enabling us to reach people that otherwise wouldn't know about us

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In 2013 , after years of experience in the wine industry I decided to use my knowledge and passion for something a bit different. At Bottle Bazaar we don't just sell great wine, we have labels to match. Labels that really say something. Whether it be a photo that means the world to you, a special message for a loved one, or simply a design you couldn’t resist – we think that what is on the label of your bottle should be up to you. I work with numerous talented artists and designers to make sure there is plenty of choice, so hopefully you can find just what you’re looking for, and then add your personal touch.

Quite simply we put YOU on a bottle - that could be you as a business using your logo, you as a bride/groom wanting to put your engagement photos on your wedding wines or you as a friend, husband or sister putting your wishes on a bottle.

My Business Tips

Set goals - you need to know what you are working towards if you are to get there!
You MUST be passionate about your business - if you don't believe it in no-one else will

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