My Buzz

After having being RT'd by Theo Paphitis, I was extermley excited we recieved a warm welcome from previous #SBS winners.
The after affect, we saw was a large increase in our twitter followers and website traffic which has led to increased sales on our products.

My Bio

Bouncing Bump is an award winning business, We bounced on to the scene in 2012 due to a number of friends having baby showers. That's when the search began for baby gifts, I could not find anything that was both practical and beautifully presented. With a bit of creativity and imagination and using items such as bodysuits, muslins cloths, nappies and socks Bouncing Bump was brought to life! From here my collection was born into however not forgetting there were a few hiccups and burbs along the way.

Being aware that every parent to be is excited about her impending arrival, it is important for Bouncing Bump to provide quality with each and every gift that is created and using most of our baby clothing from the UK. We have therefore thought very carefully about the range of baby gifts which are all hand made from our multi Tiered Nappy Cakes, Sock Cupcakes, Clothing Bouquets and more for you to choose from, take a look at our full selection.

My Business Tips

As a newbie to the business world, I would say perseverance and self belief! As we are now living in a digital age spend time navigating your way around all social media platforms, find which one works for you and work hard at building and networking with your audience. Believe you me you will have up and down days but believing in your products and use your audience that you have build to comment on your products, that's your pool of experts at your finger tips.

Record keeping is a must for any large or small business, create a profit and loss sheet to understand what work's well and what does not work so much for your business, this will help with any under or overspend and keeps track of your money.

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