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Not sure yet! Very much looking forward to being part of the club!

My Bio

We are a baker from Melbourne and a management consultant from Manchester and we are passionate about selling high quality, real, fresh bread baked everyday.

Our business, Bramhall Bakery , is focused on bringing excellent quality, fresh baked bread to people in the northwest everyday (not just at farmer’s markets). We have an artisan range of sourdoughs, ryes, Italian breads etc as well as more traditional loaves. We also use the retail outlet to sell lunch foods and cakes.

We decided to set up the business, which began trading on 1 May 2012, after moving from Melbourne, Australia to Manchester, for family reasons. Jo was expecting to transfer with the global consulting firm where she had been a high flying executive for 13 years, but all did not go to plan with a last minute
recruitment freeze. We took this setback as an opportunity and set about a new challenge, following our dream of building a top quality bakery.

My Business Tips

- Focus on quality
- Understand and drive your business model
- Know everything about your business performance - or know how to find it if you need it
- Have a clear plan and the discipline to execute it

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