My Buzz

My mission is to "make it easy to be good"

I believe that for most people, sustainability is not the reason they buy a product. If we want people to make sustainable choices in their purchasing decisions, then we need to make the product as good as the competition, as well as being sustainable.

Only then might sustainability be the deciding factor.

Yes, people's attitudes are changing. But if we want more people to change, then we need to make it easy for them

My Bio

We take the nutritious leftovers of brewing craft beer, and upcycle them into healthy treats for dogs!

Our Bix are:

  • Made with just 5 natural, plant-based ingredients
  • Nutritionist approved to be good for your dog's digestion, skin and coat
  • Baked in carbon neutral ovens
  • Delivered in plastic-free, recyclable packaging

Good for your dog. Good for the planet.

My Business Tips
  1. Know who your customer is
  2. Know what problems/needs they have
  3. Make sure you are solving those problems/meeting those needs