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Bricks and Bread is a business incubator hub and retreat for entrepreneurs. We are real entrepreneurs sharing our experience to help people start and grow their own business. We operate from a stunning 15th century farmhouse and smallholding in Tywardreath, Nr Fowey, Cornwall,

Clients can book business coaching sessions via Skype or phone call. Or they can visit our peaceful retreat for a break away from work to recharge and identify a new way forward for their ventures. We offer both day retreats and residential holidays.

Our clients range from CEO's of FTSE 100 organisations to micro business owners. As a social enterprise we use the income from our corporate work to enable us to provide free coaching and places on our retreat for local people who cannot afford our fees.

My Bio

The recurring theme in my entrepreneurial career appears to be that if at first something seems impossible, but still interesting to do and worthwhile to solve, I will find a way to make it happen!

For over a decade of my working life I was a performance car dealer and a professional driver in motorsport and a stunt woman.

Then I completely changed direction and interests to become a pioneer in sustainable building developments. I project managed the building of 11 new build and 22 retrofitted energy efficient properties.

This experience led to me to create Bricks and Bread Sustainable Living Centre, a social enterprise which for five years was based in a huge warehouse in Aldershot, providing the premises where people could meet and share their commercial knowledge in sustainable building, working and living techniques. This business evolved into an incubator hub providing the mentoring and funding to support more people to create small businesses that are both socially beneficial and sustainable.

In 2014 I relocated my business incubator hub from Guildford to Cornwall and launched a retreat for enterprising people at a 15th century farmhouse and smallholding in Tywardreath.

The retreat provides holiday accommodation and inspiring business coaching sessions using the creative thinking techniques that have helped me create my ventures. Clients range from FTSE 100 companies to entrepreneurs. It is a social enterprise which provides free places to people who want to make a difference to their life but can’t afford our fees.

I am currently working with my business partner Josh Taylor to raise a £5m fund to further support the growth of the ventures we incubate.

Specialties: Creative thinker and entrepreneur. Business development coaching. Guest speaker on social entrepreneurship and sustainable business innovation.

My Business Tips

Be proud to be a small business, don't hide behind a brand & try to appear to be a bigger business than you are, people buy from small business owners they can identify with and trust.

Collaborate! Even your competitors are potential people to work alongside!

Use creative thinking to problem solve & innovate in your venture

Value waste as a resource, all waste is money you throw away!

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