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SeedL are the world's first Live Interactive Learning subscription service. Since January 2021, SeedL now have users in 54 countries across the globe. Whether you're a small business or multi-national, SeedL can help your business and its employees with training services. We offer training around 6 pillars, Sales, Leadership, Customer Excellence, Mental Wellness, Business Essentials (Project Management, Office 365, Compliance) and Communication.

My Bio

Anthony, Jo, Simon and Michael co-founded SeedL during the pandemic. They realised that not only was remote working going to become much more normal, but technology was forced to play catch up for most workplaces. With a handful of clients and supportive families and friends, they made the jump.

Anthony has always been an admirer of Theo, and was probably the most excited of all the team when SeedL won SBS on the 21st February 2022.

My Business Tips

Invest in your people. Pay is the 5th most common reason for colleagues to leave your business. But don't spend your life 'instructing them'. Empower your talented people's thinking. Telling them what to think will eventually make them find another employer who does value their thoughts.

Selling doesn't have to be selling. The best sales people aren't those who force their thinking and solution on a prospects lap, but those who take the time to understand the challenges faced by all stakeholders (at different levels of the business) to then help them solve it.

Trust means different things to different people. As a Leader, your team have to Trust your competence to Manage them, Trust your intent to Coach them, and Trust your integrity to Lead them. High trust teams, are high performing teams.

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