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Bright Ethics delivers independent ethical accreditation, training and support to UK organisations in both the public and private sectors

We started the company in 2013 in response to growing consumer desire for organisations to act in ethical manner.

The ethical economy has experienced outstanding growth, 9% in 2013 alone. Despite this growth, we noticed that there is no clear way for consumers to clearly distinguish those organisations who are actually delivering on their ethical promises from those simply paying lip service with trendy policies.

Our hallmark is the trusted signifier of an organisation which has met a robust set of ethical standards upon assessment.

My Bio

I have always found it exceedingly hard to write anything about myself... so here it goes!

I graduated from university on 2013 armed with an in depth, if not slightly useless, knowledge of the late medieval agrarian economy.

I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to try and make a positive impact and pursue something that I was able to be fully passionate about.

I had fallen in love with coffee, I mean really really good coffee, whilst studying in the Netherlands and decided that I wanted to start my own business around coffee. I also knew that I wanted the business to be sustainable and responsible.

Vincent's Coffee was the product of my first entrepreneurial adventure, a coffee company founded on the principle that good ethics and great coffee are complimentary!

My journey with Vincent's showed me that there was a real demand from customers for companies to act in an ethical manner and consider issues such as the welfare of their staff, their environmental impact and conditions along their supply chain.

My second business seeks to address this demand by offering independent ethical accreditation to organisations.

The Bright Ethics standard looks at policies and practices in key areas such as HR, Environment, Tax and Supply Chain/Procurement.

We also assess to see whether organisations and their staff are actively engaged with these polices.

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