My Buzz

I was so pleased to be chosen by Theo in Jan 14. When I first won it was crazy. Initially I gained loads more Twitter followers and the opportunity to improve my networking. However, I soon found out that it gave me lots more kudos with my retailers too. I was able to send them press releases, which they included in their newsletters as well. I eagerly awaited the #SBSEvent 2015. It did not disappoint :). I attended with my Partner Pete. We were both blown away by Theo's generosity in time and money. We learned lots and left very inspired. My take away message " You can't be shy in business"

My Bio

Hi I’m Alison, co-founder of BSc. I’m passionate about skin care and leading a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy running, cycling, tennis and swimming and am a real animal lover too. I gained a BSc Hons in Biology from Nottingham University before going on to a 20 year career as a Forensic Scientist. They were exciting times, with the discovery of DNA profiling techniques and the set-up of the National DNA database. Sadly the Forensic Science Service closed its doors in April 2012, but you know what they say about one door closing! It was my chance to retrain in Cosmetic Manufacture and Cosmetic Legislation and to follow my dream of creating the perfect skincare range for sports-stressed skin.
Here at Brodie Skin care we know that exercise generally does great things for your skin. The increase in blood flow gives you that fresh, post-exercise glow. Sports and exercise also help to detoxify your skin and promote cell renewal for anti-aging benefits.
Those of us who work our bodies hard, come rain, wind or shine, know that the immediate effects on our skin can be anything but pretty! Exposure to the elements combined with heat stress, sweat and dehydration can cause redness, sensitivity and acidic build-up, leaving you with a dry, sore, dull complexion.
Trust us, we know the feeling! That’s why we’ve developed Recovery Phase as the answer to our own sports skincare problems – and yours.

My Business Tips

Just enjoy it. Love what you do, then none of it seems like working.

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