My Bio

My name is Steven and I’m Bromog Custom Works

I create all manner of interior decor, lighting, furniture and accessories utilising reclaimed automotive parts and materials

I take pieces that are not normally seen or materials like leather and repurpose them into decorative items, to create bespoke and beautiful one off a kind items that bring a little piece of automotive history into the home or workplace

I also take loved ones vehicle parts and repurpose them into something useful and decorative to enable the parts to be saved and there cherished memories to be brought back to life.

I have been making professionally for over 3 years now and really enjoy the variety and amount of different ideas I can come up with when there is no design or blueprints to go from.

Making for clients is fantastic, because I speak directly with each person and gauge exactly what they need or want from an item and help design, make and deliver to their expectation.

You can see regular updates of my work on my Instagram and shop website
@bromog_custom_works insta
@bromogcustomworks FB
Telephone: 07862244980