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The ride is just beginning ! Working out how to maximise this opportunity.

In the first week alone we have gained 150 new followers and gaining more on a daily basis. The network of fellow #SBS winners have been really helpful and there is so much business to develop with some of them ... it takes time, so we are concentrating on doing what we do and following the leads given ...

We have got another 4 outlets for our products this week and samples have been given given to two more big outlets.

Along with that, the exposure has prompted enquiries from all over the UK so I'm quickly developing an on-line shop so people can mail order #brownies and other relevant #brownie merchandise. It has been very busy keeping on top of it but also very exciting. Still have the feeling that this is the beginning of what we aim to achieve with this win.

In the last week we are still getting enquiries, except this time they are for retail and nationwide ! We devised limited edition #brownies with our winners badge on them and they sold like hot cakes/brownies. We have developed a brand/logo now and the plan is to trademark it so we can then move forward with retail #brownies. We are working with another SBS winner on packaging design . All this made possible from the #SBS win. We are getting married in 8 week time so all the big spends have to be put on hold ! ! Bet never fear, the #SBS win will still be here.

Still enjoying the rollercoaster ride - new outlets now in manchester. Worked out a means of UK distribution so now we are ready to spread around the UK market. Wedding in 2 weeks in the focus now !!


Wow , how time flies... Things are still going well for our company - We are now applying new design labels to our brownies and selling them in more outlets. The distribution costs need to be lower so we can succeed in breaking into the national marketplace but i have confidence that it can be acheived. Plans for releasing POS stuff in the new year is also exciting :-))

24/06/2013 - ONE YEAR ON

It has now been a year since Theo re-tweeted our message and we still love to tell people about it.

We have been steadily getting busier in Yorkshire and have branched out into Derbyshire, Cheshire and even Staffordshire. These are all places that I can still personally drive to.

We have lots of plans in development ie:bringing out a new product very soon . We are considering looking for a manufacturer to assist us with mass production and distribution. I do believe we have now proved that we have a very sellable product with a branding that is getting recognised.

Theo, we thank you for giving us the confidence and encouragement to take our business further . #brownies will be sold across the UK within the next 5 years :-)
What a great day this has turned out to be ... cant wait to speak to some sponsers ...

My Bio

#brownies was started 18 months ago by Andy and Wendy and has gained momentum as a brand by using social media for advertising. We participate in Farmers markets, food fairs and events.We produce a range of bespoke flour free brownies and blondies in many exciting flavours, and currently supply to seven award winning outlets in Yorkshire. We also deliver to a range of independent delis, bars, coffee shops and ice-cream shops.

Our products are hand-baked by one of the most experienced pastry chefs in the North. After training, at Le Gavroche, Wendy spent two years in New York and Los Angeles. Upon returning to England she worked in some of London’s best restaurants and has provided desserts for celebrities, such as Elton John at his White Tie & Tiara Ball plus his wedding, Robbie Williams, Danni Minogue and even the Queen.

Andy has spent most of his career involved in different levels of catering. He has a passion for good tasting and good looking food.

We believe that our brownies are the best on the market, using locally sourced eggs, fair trade cocoa, Belgian Chocolate and unrefined brown sugar.

Visit our website to find out more or even get some sent through the post. Remember to use your SBS discount !!

6 flava's of #brownies sent in a lovely gift wrapped box to any address in the UK :-))

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In this business climate it is possible to grow. 9 months ago we were home baking from our kitchen, now we are baking in a 500 square foot unit. Grow slowly and use social media to promote your business . Twitter and facebook are free and can give you the exposure that your new company needs.

If you are reading this, you can see how this has benifited us as #SBS winners !

Read an article written for the Market Times about us 'There's always time to tweet' =

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