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We got sick of seeing shelves stacked high with dull flavourless tea bags filled with lifeless low-grade ingredients. So we decided to do something about it. Every month BRUU delivers gourmet loose tea to your door. And with no bag your tea is free to unlock its full flavour. It's the easiest way to discover great new teas.

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Why join BRUU?

"We're people that love tea. Sick of seeing supermarket shelves stacked high with low grade tea bags, we decided to do something about it. BRUU (pronounced brew) was born so that other tea lovers could experience new teas, of the freshest variety delivered conveniently through their letterbox every month."

1. Try new teas //////

Each month we'll send you a selection of new teas to try, how many depends on your monthly plan. We choose from over 1000 different gourmet teas, stocking everything from Green Tea to Chocolate Oolong.

We are constantly buying new varieties
and making our own blends to ensure
that each month you get to try something

2. The tastiest cuppa ever //////

We source our tea ethically from suppliers around the world, dealing with only those that adhere to Fairtrade and EU regulations. Unlike your typical tea bag, our leaves have not been over processed which means they retain all their flavour and nutritional. Our ingredients are fresh, healthy and natural.

It will be the best tea you've ever made.

3. Delivered through your letterbox //////

We post out your tea each month in letterbox friendly packaging, so you don't have to be there to get it. Sit back and enjoy a regular supply of the freshest teas from across the globe.

We started this because we could not find anything close on the high street and even online.

4. Great value //////

At less than 25p per cup we think out tea is incredible value. It's the finest gourmet tea around and tastes nothing like even the best available tea bags. Just a pinch of our fresh leaves will give intense flavour plus most blends we'll send you can be re-infused a number of times. A good cup of coffee costs £3 in our neck of the woods, so at 25p per cup you'll be hard pressed to find a better value cuppa. Just saying.

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When in doubt put the kettle on and enjoy a nice cuppa

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