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#SBS has really helped me to reach more people who may not know what we do. In doing this we can help more parents learn first aid for their own families. First aid that can save lifes.

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We Speacialise in teaching First aid to parents of babies and children. We will come to your home and teach family first aid in the comfort of your living room to groups of parents or to all the family.

Bumps and Bashes are growing and have just Franchised. We are now looking for more people who would like to run their own business, in teaching parents a life skill that can save lifes. Our business mainly come from recommendations and because we are all mums, it makes sense that we teach it from a parents perspective. We have been through the same worries as any parent, but we all know what to do, to give our children the best chance should an emergency happen, this is what we teach you.

My Business Tips

Never stop learning and improving what you do. Listen to what people say and have goals. (Lots of them)

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