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Our mission is to be the planets advocate by providing education on sustainability and the natural world for young children and their families across the world; to build educational content that inspires a whole generation of Greta Thunberg's. We provide sustainable and eco online learning and augmented reality children's books that allow all children to experience success in learning about the natural world whilst providing them with actionable guides to sustainable living.

My Bio

Buttercup was founded by Rachel Mills.

Rachel has been actively interested in pursuing a lifestyle that is sustainable, plastic-free, and in keeping with nature since she was 19.

After studying Children’s book illustration at Glasgow School of Art, she worked in the creative industries on animation production for children’s television and has worked as an Animation educator for the past 14 years.

She enjoys working with animation degree students to produce live sustainable/natural world charity briefs. She’s always been entrepreneurial, trying to find positive work and green lifestyle opportunities.

Coming from the North East, she settled in the South West with her family, living out in the country. She creates materials and content for Buttercup Learning projects from her garden studio surrounded by wildlife and a wildflower meadow when she isn’t teaching the next generation of animators.

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