My Buzz

Cally King is a disruptive perfume brand offering four core fragrances - fresh, exotic, floral and woody. We find choosing perfume really hard and want to make it easier. We want to be A girl's best scent (tm).
I came up with the idea when I was in a perfumer's salon (as their lawyer!) and became dazed by all the conflicting scents, and thought: 'How on earth will my teenage daughter and her friends ever make sense of perfume, or will they keep on buying the celebrity brands and names they hear about?"
Typically you'll be drawn to one scent more than the first. Then we hope you'll be tempted to mix it up with a few squirts of one or more of the others...and find your signature scent! It's all about maximising the pleasure, fun and confidence that choosing the right scent for you can bring.

My Bio

I'm a lawyer who's helped many start ups and decided to start one of my own when I realised the perfume world needed to be woken up by a new offering, for those who want help finding their signature scent. I'm also a very happy mum, wife, sister, friend, daughter, neighbour....

My Business Tips

Stay clear sighted and remember why you started this.
Find the joy in what you do.
Wherever you can, share.

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