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We're diversifying! and We're planning our Re Launch!!

*Updated January 2020

My Bio

Here you’ll learn more about Cara-Lou Designs and Me. First, thank you for swinging by and taking time out of your day to get to know me and my small but mighty business.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the most important part. I adore coffee and cake, without it, I’m lost, so grab a cuppa and your favourite slice and allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Emma, a self-confessed cake loving, coffee guzzling paper addict! With detailed perfection to make each piece have the Cara-Lou flare. Dubbed the Queen of Scalpel Artistry. I spend my time creating unique art for others to appreciate and enjoy.

OCD is a daily part of my life, so; I have an eye for the perfect lettering, an obsessive fixation for symmetrical designs and a love of poetry and rhymes. (See what I did there?)
What I do:
From my home studio, I design a range of art, my favourites styles include Mandala, typography, and lots of detail.
I offer a range of products, colours, styles and personalisation which enable everyone, of every budget, to enjoy my art.

It’s important that you’re 100 percent happy with your finished product.
I get escapism when creating, but I strive for you to experience something when you see it, it’s the joy of art and design, it’s subjective.

My Passion:
My biggest passion is teaching, it’s what I’m good at, I‘m a First Aid Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor and with Cara-Lou I want to share my super amazing skills (if I say so myself) and wisdom to others, I get a kick out of seeing people succeed.
So besides the things you’ll see on my social media and website, I also sell some of my designs on Etsy for fellow paper cutters to learn and enjoy using my style.

When I’m not designing or creating, which, might I add, is rare, you can find me snuggling my baby boy, Frankenstein, the dog! I am an avid reader and my guilty pleasure is How it’s Made on Discovery.

Where I'm from:
I live in Greater Manchester with my Husband, Craig, (Chief Brew Maker) and my 2 daughters, Katie, 12 and Kiera, 9 (They’re referred to as sproglets or beasts depending on whether its term time)

My plans for the future and world domination as of May 2019:
This year my goals are to feature in an exhibition and attend some regular events including physical events to showcase my makes. Pushing it a bit further I want to develop an amazing online community where it’s not work but hanging out with friends

World domination: it’s still a work in progress!

Want to know more?
Contact me for a natter, I mean it; I reply to my messages/emails personally, mainly because I’m not big enough to hire staff, yet! Who knows, you could be my first employee!
Watch this Space!
Emma x

My Business Tips

I run my business on the same mantra I use for life, it's something I wrote way back when I was in school!

“The Author of your life; is you.
You are in control; you decide the next chapter; you can alter your story at your peril.
Always remember; The Story Continues..."

Remember in business that most of it is trial and error, and only through failings will you progress and become stronger. Take the risk, as you never know where it might lead.

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