My Buzz

My twitter feed went ballistic and within 24 hours I added over 100 new followers. The messages of congratulations really took me by surprise and just shows what a tight knit community the #SBS winners are.

My Bio

I've been in the carpet industry for 32 years - supplying and fitting quality carpets and flooring. I diversified into cleaning and restoration 16 years ago. I now clean and restore carpets, upholstery, leather, rugs, hard floors - including polishing marble floors. I still supply and fit even though I'm over 50 now :)
I am fortunate to work in some of the most beautiful homes in Surrey, but I offer the same level of service and skill to all my clients - whether they live in a 2 bed apartment or a 6 bedroom mansion.

My Business Tips

I always take it as a massive compliment when I arrive at a job and the client says to me: "There's your money, the keys to my house and the alarm code, help yourself to tea and put the keys back through the letterbox when you've finished" - they probably only met me for 20 minutes the week before when I went round their house to survey the work.
IT'S ALL ABOUT TRUST - trust is the cornerstone of any business relationship

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