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CCORRN brings together thousands of householders and hundreds of community groups. CCORRN develops ethical, innovative resourceful products, services and programmes provide purpose for people.

CCORRN is a social enterprise based in The Reuse Centre which is a 4,000 square foot facility. The small team of hardworking staff and volunteers work tirelessly on the following schemes:

Community RePaint, making leftover paint accessible at low cost to the local community. Unusable paint is remanufactured into new paint which sold locally at the centre at nationally through a network of independent distributors. We welcome new distributor enquiries.

Bits and Bobs Scrapstore sells donated arts and crafts resources individually and by volume to householders, artists, playworkers, schools and community groups.

Re:Form Hub debrands, cleans and repairs workwear/uniforms. Unsuitable items are reimagined into kits, packs and products which are sold locally and by mail order.

Food4Good reduces supermarket food waste by making it available for free to local residents at our centre in March, Cambs.

Love Your Home are inspirational multi activity events delivered in the Fenland area. We apply for grants to provide activities, refreshments and lunch which are free to the participants make new art, craft and woodwork items for their homes.
We also offer bespoke workshops for therapeutic, training and wellbeing programmes.

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Having spent her formative years in South Africa before moving to the UK and eventually settling in Fenland; a rural part of Cambridgeshire; Nikki says: “while I have a deep connection for the big skies, small market towns and farm buildings, it’s the melting pot of people in Fenland that I love most. Fenland is rather special and should be celebrated and we its people have the power to create happy, healthy and fulfilled lives where we live. “

My Business Tips

Be passionate on purpose, be clear about what you do and why it matters.

Watch your finances as much as your follower numbers.

Make more than money and you will always be rich.
Share your success with others whether its a give back scheme like our Get Painted scheme (we donate 250 Litres of paint to Cambs orgs each month).

Make ethical procurement and processing choices part of your everyday business, 9/10 tonnes of waste are produced by business. waste costs money and eats into your profits.

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