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We're honoured to have been selected by Theo as one of his winners, and we're delighted at the fantastic response we've had, particularly on Twitter. We're looking forward to being part of the network.

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Centaur Training Services is a Lancashire based company who specialise in providing quality, fun training to businesses, schools, and nurseries, throughout the UK and Europe.

Centaur Training Services was founded in 2003, putting teaching & learning at the heart of everything we do. We deliver all our courses to an extremely high standard and at competitive rates. All Centaur trainers are specialist in their own fields, the majority of them being emergency service or healthcare professionals. Their up to date, everyday life experience and underpinning core knowledge means they are able to relate to real scenarios, bringing realism into the classroom. Training is delivered in an enjoyable and professional manner, making learning fun, easily understood, and show how skills learnt can be applied in the real world, giving confidence in dealing with any situation. We are the nominated supplier of Paediatric First Aid for Lancashire County Council and deliver regular training to several multi-national companies.

We can offer a full range of courses both at our training centre in Leyland and in-house at your venue meaning we are extremely flexible and can tailor courses to suit you and your staff.

My Business Tips

It is better to be safe than sorry.

Health and Safety is a topic most businesses hate. It is an added expense and a time consuming task which most small businesses think is over the top and pointless. That is until something happens.

Not having the correct provisions in place, the correct level of trained staff and the correct mind set when it comes to health and safety can be the difference between large fines and restrictions and smooth operating. With first aid, it can genuinely mean the difference between life and death. So don't think "Oh, it will never happen to us". Make sure you have done all you can to avoid the worst case scenario. Because the bad press associated with not doing, can break a business.

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