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There are two of us at Cerise Creations, Sian & Holly. We met in 2015 at university and instantly became the best of friends.


"I'm a mother of two lovely children, one in university and the other in primary school. I went back to education in 2015 at the ripe age of 36 and had the time of my life learning so much. I graduated top of the class with a BA in Combined Studies and stayed on for a year to do a MSc in Public Relations. I loved it so much that I applied for a job at the same university and continued to work there full-time until Covid hit and unfortunately caused me to lose my job. I have to say 2020 was one of the hardest years of my life, losing my job and then my beautiful, amazing Nan who always pushed me to be my best. Some of the pieces I now make are inspired by her.

All in all, I’m the loud, sociable and confident one of the partnership, and the one that always comes up with the crazy ideas. Thankfully, I have the lovely Holly by my side to ground me!"


"Currently studying for a Masters in Creative Writing, I am the quiet organised partner. I like to keep things running smoothly and, where I can, try to make the impossible happen! I take the crazy ideas and run with them. Practical and ever eager to learn, I am always trying to improve the business in small ways, and you’ll often find my handiwork in the background of Cerise Creations, be it running the website, writing blog posts, or keeping Sian calm in our countless online meetings!"

My Business Tips

Creating and maintaining a business with your best friend can be fraught with challenges as you learn to distinguish between business and personal matters. As two very different people, we run Cerise Creations on a policy of complete honesty and knowing each other’s boundaries.

For instance, as both our meetings and social interactions have all been over video call during this past year, we have had to create phrases to determine how serious we need to be at any given moment. Our most used phrase is currently, “You’re my best friend and I love you, but this next conversation needs to be all business”. We have found that setting this expectation within our friendship has meant that we’re able to be entirely frank, professional and sometimes critical, whilst also keeping our friendship intact.

That’s not to say we don’t have great fun at the same time – anyone listening into our virtual meetings would likely wonder how we ever get anything done for laughing, but we have found that humour and enjoying our work really shows the best of both of us!

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