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We now have had over 1800 followers and it is a great asset to our business. It is fabulous to get this boost to our business. The only way is up.

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We are Elizabeth & Barry Chantler and we have been enthusiastic about tea for years.
We have travelled the world visiting plantations in India and south-east Asia and attending tea ceremonies in Hong Kong and Malaysia. We only sell teas that we would drink, and we only like the best! We are also passionate about a fairer world marketplace, one in which everybody benefits, and we are as fussy about the source as much as the teas themselves.
Tea is good for you, it has benefits both for the body as well as the mind, and the better the tea the more beneficial it becomes. We believe that we have a nation of t-bag drinkers who are missing out on an enlivening and new world (there are over 500 different types of tea!).
Our mission is to make fine tea locally available and to convert as many people as we can, to share this exciting and rewarding world with us..

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Be an ambassador for your product and never miss an opportunity to sell its benefits.

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