My Buzz

It always gives me a buzz to see someone pleased with their orders. I love nothing more than making other people happy, customer service is paramount. I was so overwhelmed when my Twitter feed started going crackers, by the time I managed to log on Theo's RT was several pages down! I am overwhelmed and over the moon. What more can I say, my usual smile is now even broader than usual.

My Bio

I started decorating boxes for fun quite a few years ago, I then started making bag charms etc. I was fast running out of room to store all of my makes as I always made more than I needed when it came to Christmas and birthdays so I decided to register as a business and start selling. I now make wine glass charms and napkin rings as wedding favours and gifts, plus bag charms/keyrings, I even have requests for the occasional bracelet!
I also decorate little boxes with a variety of mediums from paper/card to fabric and serviettes.
I also like to help others so am helping to raise money for Cancer Research UK, Mens Health Awareness and MK Pride.
I also share my knowledge with adults with learning disabilities as an Activities Organiser, this involves spend 3 days per week getting paid to have even more fun! What more could a person want.

My Business Tips

Always smile, even when you are on the phone a smile can be heard. I am ever the optimist and will always help others if I can.

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