My Bio

I started Cherish Me just over three years ago with my two daughters, and I had lots of reasons; from my personal view, it was to help raise the self-esteem/worth of young girls – and young black girls specifically.The name of my brand aims to combat the low self-esteem I have witnessed in young girls as a mother and as a professional. I want girls to see the words ’Cherish Me’ and put it into practice and cherish themselves. A key aspect of Cherish Me is creativity. Our brand is recognisable through our illustrations, which are all done by my daughter.

My Business Tips

As a working single mum, I would say : team up with other mum's or groups for support.
Manage your time: I 'm learning to juggle business life and work life. Planning content a week ahead.
Staying positive! sometimes we have to take a step back to see how far we have come, particularly on the days when things are not going as we had hoped for.

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