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I received many lovely messages from other businesses on Twitter congratulating me on the mention, and the number of people visiting the Chiggs website went through the roof! I’m so proud that a businessman like Mr Paphitis thought Chiggs worthy of a mention.

My Bio

I'm Elizabeth, and my business, Chiggs, based in Harrogate, sells my own inventions- the Baby Feed Wheel, Baby Medicine Wheel and the Get Well Wheel.
These are parenting products, greeting cards and gifts with rotating numbered 'time' dials to keep track of baby's feed and everyone's medicine times!

The inspiration for my first invention, the Baby Feed Wheel, came in October 2005 when I was visiting a friend who'd just had a baby. In the midst of sleep deprivation, she couldn't remember her little boy's last feed time, so I jokingly suggested she used a parking disc to note the time whenever he had a feed. Remembering my own 'hazy days' after my daughter's birth, when I would write all her feed times down on pieces of paper, I realised what a useful idea this would be for new parents. After two months of design, research and sourcing suppliers I secured a design patent and commissioned the first print run of Baby Feed Wheels.

The Baby Medicine Wheel followed a couple of months later. Whilst on a short break with friends, their little boy started teething and needed medicine. Our friends used a Baby Feed Wheel to record the time of each dose so that they knew when the next medicine would be due. Shortly after the holiday I contacted the Patent Office with my second product!
The Get Well Wheel completes the Chiggs range, (which are all printed in the UK and hand finished in Harrogate), and came about when my husband's Gran asked for a Baby Medicine Wheel to keep track of her daily medicines! With 'time of last medicine ' printed on the front, it helps older children and adults of all ages to monitor their medicine dose times.
I’ve found developing my own inventions into both a business and a brand incredibly rewarding. It’s a long way from my previous career as an Air Stewardess, and has been an incredible learning curve! Chiggs Wheels are now sold in shops all over the UK, worldwide, and by many online retailers.

My Business Tips

If you have an idea for a product- go for it! So many people tell me they've had an idea but not done anything about it. And if you do go for it- embrace Social Media :-)

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