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Child Author Project has created 485 #1 best-selling child authors, aged 3 to 15, from all over the world, by talking about mental health. We are on a mission to empower and encourage children to realise they are absolutely amazing, just the way they are, whilst opening the door for positive conversations about mental health. We believe that if children understood the importance of a healthy mind, they would be unstoppable!

We are very passionate about giving back to the community. Each of our book projects sponsors a community charity or good cause.

My Bio

Hi - I'm Jess. I'm the founder of Child Author Project, a mental health advocate and 'Mum' to glorious little Seren, who inspired me to create the project.

I am a multiple best-selling author and trustee for Faye Knowles Chapman Foundation, campaigning for cervical health awareness and care.

I'm an avid mental health advocate, having struggled myself, I truly understand the importance of open and positive conversations about mental health.

My friends would describe me as shy and passionate. I'm a humble human who loves family and Netflix!

My Business Tips

Tell your truth - it won't resonate with everyone but eventually you'll attract 'your' kind of people.

Leave the 'business talk' and qualifications out of your marketing, people want to hear about who YOU are.

Don't be afraid to talk about mental health.

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